My Goal

I want to help people become financially stable so that they can enjoy all that life has to offer instead of struggling to get through each day.

I am the author of Saving Money 101: How to Start Saving And Stop Worrying.  I am so sure that this book will help you that I am offering a 60-day money back guarantee and you keep the book!


4 Responses to My Goal

  1. cindi wood says:

    i need to write 17,000. dollars on a check.

    • Luis Alves says:

      I …
      For what I understood it will be that way:
      seventeen thousand dollars and 00/100

      If you have trouble writing correctly you can use Google translate, since I’m from Brasil, it always help me to double check my writing and correct it!

  2. Tim says:

    Thanks a bunch for this. As you say, I was never really taught how to do this. But your instruction was very clear and detailed.

  3. makitta says:

    how to write six hundred seven five dollar on a check

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